10 Ways to Ensure Your Awards Ceremony is a Success

At The Trophy Shop we have been crafting trophies and awards for over 35 years. Serving the community and a base of loyal customers over these years has given us a great understanding of award giving. Many of our clients agonize over the all important annual awards ceremony, and for those of you trying to plan where and when to hand over the all important awards and trophies in Mississauga, or anywhere – here are 10 tips from the pros.

1. Plan Properly
Whether it’s the nominee votes, the guest list, or the catering – something is going to take longer than you expected. Plan well in advance to make your night a great success.

2. Choose respected judges
Whether it’s a specialist in the field or the little league coach, choose people who really know what they’re talking about and can assess the merits of each nominee properly and fairly.

3. Entertainment and catering
Musicians, photographers, magicians; whatever you decide – make sure there is some entertainment to keep your guests amused in between awards. Reeling off a list of names all in one go can soon tire the audience and leave people at the end of the list with a bored and unenthusiastic crowd. Similarly, the catering can make or break an event. This is a big day for your winners – so make sure you do them justice with decent catering.

4. Choose creative categories and prizes
While the classics like ‘most improved’ are always suitable, try and think of some categories that are particular to your business, sport, team or event. Don’t be afraid to recognize unique contributions and introduce new or one-off awards. While award plaques and trophies are a lovely thing to receive – an honorary jersey with custom embroidery or a thoughtful experience are also great ways to acknowledge a star.

5. Dress Code
Are you hosting a black tie event or a casual afternoon ceremony? Make sure you communicate the dress code to your guests to avoid a jumble of bow ties and trainers.

6. Speech Etiquette
While great speeches can move the room, not so great speeches can bore the audience to tears. Give everyone an equal shot at the mic by informing each speaker that they have a certain number of minutes in which to make their thanks and say their piece. A good host can draw a line under a speech without appearing rude.

7. Pronunciation
Probably the most important point for the host – make sure that they can pronounce each person’s name properly. Not doing so is considered lazy and rude.

8. Acknowledge the Runner Up
While you know you’ve chosen the most deserving winner – it’s likely that you considered a few people for the honor. A classy host will give them their moment in the limelight by acknowledging some of the great work they’ve done – even if they were pipped to the award.

9. Make sure you know who’s in the room
We’ve all seen awards ceremonies where a name is called to the stage only to be announced absent. It appears disorganized, and casts a bad light on the absentee. Keep track of your RSVP’s and arrivals, and either announce the winner is absent beforehand, find somebody to accept on their behalf, or skip presenting that award altogether.

10. Order your trophies and awards well in advance
While crafting awards and trophies in Mississauga we see our fair share of last minute orders. We always work to meet your deadline, but for your own piece of mind it’s better to have your trophies and awards made and engraved well in advance of the ceremony.

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