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Trophy Care – Taking care of your prize.

As a rule, when you are polishing your trophy, be sure to polish in straight lines of the same direction. You should avoid filling any flask, cup, or bowl with acidic beverages or liquids, and whatever it’s made from, avoid keeping alcohol in it any longer than necessary.

Be aware of where you’re keeping your shield, trophy, or award – if it’s on a mantelpiece make sure you remove it before lighting the fire. If it’s in the kitchen beware of greasy fingerprints and cooking fats.

For more intricate trophy designs, a soft and clean brush can be used – a soft toothbrush would be fine for ornate areas of your trophy. If you are determined to keep your trophy looking its best, consider investing in a microfiber cloth specifically designed for metal polishing.

Of course, how you take care of your trophy all depends on the material. If it’s made from pewter, for example, you will rarely need to polish it – and should just use warm soapy water to keep your trophy dust free and shiny. Glass and wood are both durable materials that can be kept shiny by polishing on a regular basis. Silver on the other hand, requires much more care, and should only be polished occasionally.

The best idea is to learn about the material your trophy is made from and about the best care for that material – at The Trophy Shop we produce a wide variety of trophies and awards in Mississauga, so it’s best to ask in store when you order your trophy.


Getting Sponsorship for Your Sports Team

At The Trophy Shop our custom apparel and custom embroidery services allow us to create unique uniforms, logos, and images for your team to wear on the field. Obtaining sponsorship for your team can be a hugely beneficial move, and providing your sponsors with a branding space on your team shirts is the perfect way to seal the deal. Identify a relevant company – choose a local company with a good reputation and invite them to support your team. Think creatively about who you could ask and why. Clearly outline what you need from your sponsor, and why you have chosen them for the honour. Try and make your team as professional as possible – explain to the potential sponsor why your team is worth investing in over others. Do you help disadvantaged kids? Are you top of the scoreboard? Is one of your players a great business contact? Make sure you give something back to your sponsors, promote their products, embroider their name on your team shirts, or simply acknowledge them whenever you can. Consider thanking your sponsor with one of our awards or trophies in Mississauga, so that they can show off their contribution.

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Team Work: Inspiring Team Spirit, and Organizing Your Way to Success.

The Trophy Shop supplies Trophies and Awards in Mississauga, corporate apparel, team jerseys, custom embroidery and much more. We see our fair share of winners, runners-up, captains, and star players. Over the years our family business has learned a thing or two about keeping a team together, running smoothly, and delivering results – whether it’s stitching your team shirts or succeeding on the field this season. Here are a few of the most important pointers we’ve picked up while working with some of the greatest teams in Ontario:

Pick Team Players: If your team contains self-serving individuals or glory-hunters, they are likely to take away from the rest of the team. If you want to build a great team, go back to the building blocks and make sure that the importance of a team culture is appreciated by everyone. Here at the Trophy Shop, our business only hires passionate employees with an understanding of the camaraderie it takes to get a last minute custom apparel order in on time.

Team Familiarity: Harvard studies have shown that when familiarity in a team increases, defects decreased. And differences among team members can often lead to confusion, poor communication, and conflict. When each person understands the weaknesses and strengths of their fellow teammates, they know who to pass the ball to in a time of crisis. We run a well-oiled family business that allows us to rely on one another and specialize in producing only the best clothing apparel, and trophies in Mississauga.

Define Your Goals: Do you want to move up 3 places on the leader board this season, or deliver a huge custom apparel and embroidery order by next week? Whatever your goal is, defining an achievable bar for success motivates everybody and gives the team a tangible point to reach for.

Keep Learning: Whether you’re the best at what you do, or starting from the bottom – there is always room to improve and learn. Doing the same thing every day will keep you in the same place. Asking how you can make what you do better is what sets you apart from the rest. Keep your team stimulated by continuing to learn and improve yourself, your team, or your business.

Peer Accountability: In a team, a top down approach doesn’t always inspire the spirit we hope for. Instead of creating a hierarchy – try peer accountability, in which every team member is answerable to the whole team. After all, not showing up to practice or pulling your weight in the office lets the whole side down. Whether you’re running on the track or running a family business like we are; keeping a team together is the key to producing great results and having fun! We hope that if you follow this advice, some of our awards and trophies in Mississauga will fall into your hands.

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Where and When to Use Our Custom Apparel

School Graduation: Many classes and friendship groups begin a tradition of designing their own custom apparel to mark the end of an era. Whether it’s the end of the year or graduation, our embroidery services have often lent their skills to creating personal mementos that can be kept forever.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties: A great way to remember your party and keep the group together on a wild night out, custom apparel can be a great addition to a pre-wedding party and flag your group for discounts and flirtation!

Group Holidays: Whether it’s a girls’ weekend away or a guys’ road trip, our custom apparel and embroidery services can create something special to keep long after you return home.

Team Tours: Whether you need to keep track of all you team members on nights out or create an extra special uniform for your upcoming tour, The Trophy Shop will work with you to craft the perfect team jerseys, uniforms, or fun personalized polo shirts.

Corporate Events: Special events and occasions might call for custom corporate clothing to represent your company. The Trophy Shop can create clothing apparel from shirts to hats that represent your brand and keep your employees looking sharp.


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Communicating with Colours: What Do Your Uniform Colour Choices Mean?

At The Trophy Shop we take hundreds of custom apparel orders every year, many of which are from sports clubs or for corporate clothing. We work with our customers and clients to find a uniform that is right for them and represents their team well. We design logos, customize jerseys, and offer a range of different cuts and colours. The colour of a team shirt has been scientifically proven to affect outcomes in the past – so make sure you choose wisely. What can colour say about your team – and how do people perceive your choice?custom embriodary canada


While many people subconsciously associate red with aggression and defiance – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in sport. While many businesses have begun to shy away from this bold colour, sports teams often exploit its links with courage, brute strength, energy and survival.


Most people associate blue with coldness, but you may notice that it is often used as a colour of intelligence, trust, logic, and duty. Darker hues, like red, also have regal associations.


Green is often considered a great colour to use in working and learning environments. It tends to help people feel refreshed, rested, positive, and peaceful – as well as being closely associated with nature and the environment.


Black is known to make wearers look more sturdy and grounded – it is also associated with glamour and sophistication, security, stability, and efficiency.


You may have guessed that most people will associate white with purity, good, and cleanliness. But it also often evokes feelings of elitism.


Grey has very few positive associations so many people tend to steer clear of this colour, it doesn’t usually trigger much emotion in people and can reduce energy levels.


While pink is most closely tied with love, sexuality, and femininity – it also echoes survival, warmth, and tranquility. Some people link pink with weakness and emasculation.


Like green, yellow is one of the most optimistic colours, associated with confidence, self-esteem, strength, and friendliness – it can be a powerful colour to use. It has also been linked to irrationality.


Although it has been proven to evoke frustration, and impressions of immaturity – orange is also associated with food, warmth, passion, and fun, and is another bold colour.

Caring for Silver Trophies

                  As with all trophies, we advise that you carefully consider where to display or store your trophy – keep it in a safe place with few airborne substances likely to tarnish the metal such as smoke, soot, or cooking fats.

Ornamental trophies, or even simple designs with hard to reach spots might require a soft brush to clean and we recommend a purpose made micro-fibre cloth for your most special silverware.

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A Bit About Trophies and Awards

Trophies are an ancient tradition, originating from the gifting of a chalice to winners of sporting events in the 1600‘s. Before then, wreaths, money, or vases were the most common winner tokens. Since then trophy craftsmanship has grown and improved, and The Trophy Shop proudly continue this tradition.

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